Refund Policy

When a member signs up they immediately benefit from the knowledge and information we provide, we do not give refunds. If you sign up, plan on sticking around for the length of your term. There are absolutely no refunds including partial refunds for new promotional events or incorrect coupon code usage as well as if you forget billing recurs automatically every month, six months or every year depending on the level of membership you have.

Our subscriptions are on a “auto renewal” process which will automatically charge your card on every renewal term.  To remove yourself from auto renew and cancel your account, please login your account and click cancel auto renewal.  Trial memberships are for new members only.  All past members will be charged the membership fee of packages chosen upon reactivating there membership.  All sales are final.

Cancellation Policy: As stated above, you must provide 2 business days notice prior to your auto renewal for us to terminate you account and prevent any additional charges. Please be advised that once you request a cancellation, if you do not specify to have your account continued, your account will be terminated upon your cancellation request to prevent any additional charges or misunderstandings. To contact us click here: